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Best4Glasses security policy

You can shop online as easily as you can in an optician's or other optical shop, but at Best4Glasses you can shop anytime you like, 24 hours a day, from the comfort of your own home.

When you use your credit cards at Best4Glasses, your personal details are as safe if you had used the phone. However, we do take extra precautions when you shop online with us, using security technology that is specially designed for the internet.

In this security policy, we explain how we ensure the safety and confidentiality of your credit card details when you shop at Best4Glasses.

You might also want to read our privacy policy, which describes in detail how we collect and protect your personal information.

How we ensure that your credit card details are kept secure

There are two ways in which we protect your credit card details from theft or unauthorised use:

  • We use industry standard encryption on our site to provide a secure connection between your browser and the payment pages.
  • We process your credit card and address information responsibly and securely, via a trusted third party, and according to strict retailing best practice.

Industry standard encryption protects your details

When you buy a product from Best4Glasses, you click through from your browser window (eg Explorer or Netscape) to a secure area, thanks to an industry standard encryption protocol known as SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. This type of encryption is practically impossible to decode.

You will recognise SSL by a padlock symbol located in the bottom corner of your internet browser. When the padlock is 'locked', this confirms that you are on the secure page of the site.

Credit card processing

We use a third party company called WorldPay to process your order and provide a secure environment for credit card transactions.

The WorldPay payment service has been endorsed by the world's leading banks and all the international credit/charge card companies (Visa, Mastercard etc).

When you check out from our optical store, you pass via the SSL to a secure area operated by WorldPay where your card details are checked. If your card issuer verifies your details, your purchase will be authorised and your card debited accordingly. WorldPay notifies us and we are then able to complete your transaction and arrange delivery.

If your card issuer declines the payment request, we are unable to complete your transaction and you will be advised of this immediately.

Credit card fraud

If your card is used fraudulently, your bank or card issuer may hold you liable for £50.00 of fraudulent charges.

You must notify your credit or debit card issuer immediately, if your card is lost or stolen, or you are aware of unauthorised use, in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

The only times you will be asked for your credit card number is when you make a purchase online.

NEVER give your credit card information or password to unauthorised persons contacting you via e-mail or an instant message or chat service. These requests are ALWAYS fraudulent.

Want to know more about security?

Please contact if you have any questions about our order processing procedures or security on the internet.