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Ultra-violet rays (UV) are a component of sunlight, and they cause serious damage to the eye. It is vitally important, when buying prescription sunglasses, to have protection against the ravages of UV.

All sunglasses filter UV to some degree, but the level of protection varies. For best protection for your prescription sunglasses, you should choose lenses that block UVA and UVB rays between 290 and 400nm (nanometers)

UV protection can be added to prescription lenses with or without a tint.. Best4Glasses offers a protective coating at 400nm, which blocks more than 99% of UV rays. If you work or play outdoor sports, you will benefit greatly from UV protection, whether wearing prescription spectacles or plain sunglasses.

People working under fluorescent lights or at computer screens also benefit from lenses with UV protection, and again – they don’t need to be tinted.

At Best4glasses you can choose from a range of tints in three shades; light, medium and dark. Add UV protection and you have a fashionable pair of prescription sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses protect your eyes, but with changing light conditions it could mean you need to keep two pairs of specs.
Transition lenses (also known as photochromatics) give you the best of both worlds. Clear in the dark, they progressively turn darker as the light becomes brighter. In full sunlight, these clever lenses turn as dark as a full tint.

To add these to your glasses order, simply select the 'Photochromatic' option from the 'Extras' page when placing your order. As well as changing from clear to dark when moving from dark to light conditions, these lenses also include full UV protection FREE.
Photochromatic prescription lenses are available with all the frames displayed on our site including all designer frames

Photochromatic prescription lenses are available with all the frames displayed on our site including designer frames.