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There's nothing mystical about night driving glasses. They won't miraculously light up the road ahead, or make on-coming drivers dip their headlights, but they will cut out the glare from headlights and street lamps, and sharpen the images of objects ahead within the field of vision.

Driving at night is known to put a major strain on the eyes. The focussing muscles in the eyes strain between the competing elements of:

  • Contrast between dark and light.
  • Glare from oncoming vehicles
  • Glare from street lighting
  • Reflected glare on the windscreen
  • Reflected glare from the road in wet conditions
  • Reading street signs in low light levels


The human eye is one of nature's great inventions, which enables the brain to receive visual images of objects in front. In daylight, the pupil (the little black hole in the centre), shrinks quite naturally to restrict the amount of light reaching the retina at the back of the eye. In the dark it expands to allow more light in. The glare experienced in night driving causes the pupil to continually expand and contract as the eye tries to deal with rapid changes in lighting conditions.

By the addition of an anti-reflective coating to the outside of the lens, one of the major causes of eye strain is removed. On the High Street this can cost above £60. Glasses Direct, the newcomer to the online optical business, offers the same thing at £55 (not much of a saving).

At anti-reflective coating is offered at only £30.

For computer work, an anti-reflective coating, even on plain lenses, is an essential for anyone in front of a screen for more than four hours a day.


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